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As you know we have many people applying or asking about the youtube rank daily. This thread will explain the requirements in order to apply for youtube rank. Make sure you have all these requirements before applying or else you will receive a warning starting from today.
- Must have 200 subscribers.
- Must have 2 videos on the server each season with over 100 views.
- You must have a semi-clean punishment history.
- Must be 14 years of age.
- Must maintain a upload standard of 1 video every 2 weeks.

All applicants good luck!

04 Mar 2017, 14:27 0 | 25
if you lost your rank on skyblock make sure to fill out this form
thank you for your patience and for choosing newliberty to play on!

25 Feb 2017, 05:42 0 | 12
if you need a rank transfer make sure to fill out this form
thank you to all the new players who have decided to play the REAL newliberty :)

25 Feb 2017, 05:39 0 | 16